Learning and Development New Approach.

We provide organizations full support to prepare the Learning and Development (L&D) Framework and Strategy to achieve the organisational goals

Learning & Development Circle

This framework is a high level document focusing on the fundamental Learning and Development objectives that should be pursued. It is designed to reflect the key L&D objectives that arise for the various organisations over the lifetime of the Framework. We committed to provide most recent and ongoing training, up-skilling and development of the staff of the partner’s organization to ensure that the changes foreseen and all obligations are implemented. Our assurance of supporting the development of staff across our partnership enhancing the overall level of core workplace skills and in turn the performance of organisations.

Human performance is a critical success factor in the establishment of quality services to any Organization. Consequently, company performance, and its ability to deliver quality services to all stakeholders depends to a large degree on the knowledge, skills and behaviours of its employees.

Prioritise Business Needs

Address capacity and business needs including HR, and technology, finance and procurement. Build organisational capability to meet requirements. Ensuring that the necessary skills are in place. Provide Quality Customer Service through continuous improvement. Achieve efficiencies through business procedure improvement

Align Business, HR and Learning Strategies.

We implement best practice which Learning, HR and business strategies should be aligned. We ensure that the development of people is focused on the overall strategy. Main values: Establish objectives for L&D programmes that reflect business objectives. Create a HR Strategy in line with the organisation’s Strategy. Ensure that employees are strategically focused by aligning the L&D Strategy to the HR Strategy.

Analyse L&D Needs.

We analysis and identify the knowledge, skills, behaviours and traits that are needed to deliver on business objectives for their organisation. as follows: Look at the business planning process and identify L&D needs that are associated with the future development. Use the Performance Management Development System to align staff members’ learning needs.

Develop L&D Strategy

Our main purpose is to develop strategies for in discussion with the staff and management team, we will develop efficient and cost-effective L&D strategies based on the objectives and L&D needs. The new L&D strategies will support innovation of new ideas, services, business models, organisational structures and work practices. The innovations method is crucial to improving your organization and to delivering better value for money.

Implement L&D

Essentially, this stage is about the delivery of learning solution. We adopt quality and various delivery options and it is in line with the findings from the Analysis Stage and support the Evaluate Stage of the L&D involvement. We also identify an on-the-job learning procedure for individual staff. Develop online leaning and house digital coaching.

Evaluate L&D

We set very effective evaluation structure to help focus on outcome and value for investment on delivering the most relevant, efficient and effective programmes. Evaluate learning carefully and set out in advance rich objectives for learning outcomes. Gather additional information on the business impact of learning Also consider the accreditation of some programmes.
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